In this guide, you will find out how to configure a campaign with Kayzen and generate a Tracking Link. In the second half of the guide, you will find instructions for enabling Re-Targeting campaigns.

Steps to Integrate with Kayzen and Generate a Tracking Link

1. Once you have registered your app with AppsFlyer, you must set up a campaign on the dashboard. To do this, click the app that you want to advertise or select Overview from the drop-down menu.

2. Configure the Integrated Partner: Click on Integrated Partners.

3. Select Kayzen.

4. In the Integrated Partners page, select Kayzen as the media source by either scrolling down to Kayzen or by searching for Kayzen in the filter field.

5. Click ‘Edit’ and enter the Integration section.

6. For iOS apps, please keep Advanced Privacy OFF

7. Partner ID: Enter your Kayzen app-specific API Key obtained from your Kayzen Success Manager. Follow the steps in this article to find your app-specific API key.
8. Enable View-Through attribution

9. Select Events attributed to All media sources, including organic.

10. Re-enter your Kayzen API Key (used for partner_ID).
11. Switch on the In-App Events Postback toggle button.
12. For Sending Options: Select “All media sources including organic”.
13. If possible, select “Select all events including their revenue value”.

14. In the Permissions tab of the integration settings, we recommend you grant three additional permissions to allow access to loyal users, in-app events and revenue for Kayzen. You can find a detailed explanation of these permissions in AppsFlyer's documentation here.

15. Click Save and Close.

Steps to enable Re-Targeting campaigns with Kayzen and Generate a Tracking Link

1. When the above setup is complete, click on App Settings on the left side panel.

2. Finally, be sure to switch on the Attribution toggle button.

Activate Re-targeting Campaigns with Kayzen

1. Click ‘Edit’ and enter the Attribution Link section.
2. Add the names of parameters you wish to pass in the tracking link.
3. Switch on the Re-targeting Settings toggle. This changes the tracking link to include parameters that are compulsory for re-targeting.
4. If you have a Deeplink scheme in place, enter it in the URI scheme field.
5. Set the Re-engagement window, the default window is 30 days. You can change the window, the af_reengagement_window field in the tracking link will reflect your window you selected.

6. Configure the length of the Click through lookback window and View through lookback window.

7. Copy the Tracking Link and use it in your Kayzen re-targeting campaigns. Please send it to your Kayzen Success Manager for verification.

§ Re-targeting Tracking Links will need to include the following parameters:  
a) &is_retargeting=true
b) &af_dp={encoded_deeplink_here} (if deeplink was added)

8. In the “Permission” window, please enable permission to Kayzen. This will allow us to check the data on the AppsFlyer dashboard.

9. Press Save and Close.

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