Your Kayzen API Key is needed for MMP integrations. If you have not received this from your Kayzen Success Manager, you can find it in your account on the Kayzen platform.

App Object API Key – it is generated for a specific app, they can directly use App Object API Key to stream app events from MMP for a specific app.

To know your Advertiser API key:  

1. Log in to your Kayzen account.
Navigate to the upper right hand corner from any page in your account.
3. Click on your name in the upper right hand corner:

4. Click on To Admin Console: 

5. In Settings on your top left corner of the screen you'll see a list of app objects created for your account:
Note: app objects are created through an Order creation in Performance Console.

6. Expand the app object by clicking on it to see the detailed data: 

7. Copy your API Key to use in MMP integration:

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