In-playable event tracking is a powerful way to gain key insights around user interactions with playables. Advertisers can create different events within a playable, send them to Kayzen audience server and they will be able to visualize these events across various attributes like campaign, exchange, os etc for enhanced campaign analysis

Sample Use Case

  1. You want to track playable’s Launch rate, i.e number of times when a playable was fully launched vs impression count.

  2. Make a HTTP call to Kayzen audience server at a relevant point in an HTML code and pass the corresponding macros like event names (explained below).

  3. Kayzen UI will show corresponding event names and user will be able to see this event across multiple attributes like campaign, exchange, etc.

  4. By looking at count of Impression and Launch events, user can see Launch rate across different metrics like exchange, placements etc and optimize the campaign.

API endpoint

This URL should be called in a playable whenever you want to track an event: 


API URL explanation

  1.  tp=<partner_name>  – Fixed value per partner, you can change it to any name

  2.  api_key=<api_key>  – Fixed value per partner, you need to replace it with app- or website-specific API key.

  3.  postback_type=playable  – Why is this needed? It could have happened that the user adds  event_id=open  where the user was thinking “open” as playable ad open but for the same app, you might have been sending “open” event from MMP to Kayzen as well. In this case, Kayzen would have seen 2 “open” events in the UI and it would be hard to identify which “open” belongs to which event. Hence, the value of  postback_type  will be used to prepend to the value of event_id when showing the final event in the UI.

  4.  device_id= User GAID/IDFA 

  5.  os=android/ios 

  6.  bid_id={CONVERSION_ID}  - Unique id for each impression

  7.  app_event={event_name}  – The event_name value should be manually replaced with the event that you want to record.



In this case, an event will be visible in the UI as  playable_launch . Please note, Kayzen will insert “_” between the value of  postback_type  and  app_event.

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