A. Steps to Integrate with Tenjin 

  1. The user would login to their Tenjin account, using their email and password.

  2. Select the channels tab on the top of the dashboard, Then, click the Add a Channel button towards the top right to create a new channel.

You can then filter the channel for Kayzen using the filter option on the left:

Click on Kayzen to create a new account a fill in the account information shown here that is obtained from the Kayzen dashboard:

a. Steps to Obtain your Kayzen account information

1.  Login to the Kayzen dashboard 

2. Click To Admin Console on the top right corner

3. Copy your API Key and click to generate your Secret API Key

3. Once you have your account and API information from Kayzen, you can fill on Account Info and click on Add an Account

4. To confirm the credentials are working properly you can go to the list of added channel here: https://www.tenjin.io/dashboard/integrations. If there are no issues with the credentials you should see under Kayzen option, "No account issues" as shown under the Kayzen in this example:

5. The data exporter can be used to fetch reports based on the Kayzen API. The instructions on how to use the exporter can be found here - https://docs.tenjin.com/en/dashboard/exporter.html and the data can be filtered for any network
6. For any quires and troubleshooting on Tenjin you can reach out to support@tenjin.io

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