Today, we released a big update to our system (GA version) which adds mobile apps at the core of how you work with Kayzen platform; we call it the App Object feature


We at Kayzen, pride ourselves in enabling world’s best mobile marketing teams to take programmatic in-house. We have always been super focused in solving use cases for the mobile ecosystem which is extremely different from how the Desktop ecosystem works. With this release, the platform and the workflows more clearly reflect the sheer focus we have on “Mobile” as an entity in our architecture, algorithms and analysis. 

Changes Summary

Creating a mobile app object is now a mandatory step in the system hierarchy. Within your account, you can create multiple mobile app entities and structure your campaigns and their reporting around these app objects. 

Orders and Campaigns

While creating an order, you can specify a mobile app entity that you want to promote. Let’s say as an example, you want to promote Candy Crush Android app. Just specify the package name and system will auto populate all the necessary details. All the campaigns of this order will inherit the same Candy Crush app and its properties

Custom Audience 

Custom audience are real time audiences that are created based on in-app events received from the advertiser or MMP

While creating a custom audience, just specify the mobile app for which you want to create the audience and you will be ready to target these users in less than 5 sec

Dashboard & Reports

You can now easily access and filter your campaigns performance per app in dashboards, campaign pages and reports


In the settings page, you can see all the apps created in your account. You can use the API key per app to pass in-app events to Kayzen platform either directly via our API's or via MMP's

This feature bring apps right at the center of how you interact with Kayzen platform. There are a lot of behind the scene enhancements that have went in which are helping in delivering better performance for our customers – the feature impacts every core component of the platform ; from bidder to machine learning models to campaign optimization and analytics. 

We have some great feedback from early adopters and we highly recommend you to talk to your Kayzen customer success manager and understand how your account can be upgraded to App Objects

Happy Kayzenification! 

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