We are happy to announce the launch of our new feature "Max CPM Bid" which gives more control to our advertisers on their bidding strategy so that they are better equipped to reach their performance goals


When you run a campaign on Kayzen platform using CPC or CPI models, the model calculates a predicted probability of conversion (click/install) and prices the impression on CPM accordingly 

The predicted CPM can be a relatively high value (say >$100 CPM) or relatively low value depending on various factors like user intent, inventory performance, creative optimization and many more

With this feature, the advertisers get control of how much maximum CPM they want to bid on each impression while still leveraging Kayzen’s in-house CPC/CPI models


  1. Create a campaign with optimization type CPC/CPI

    2. By default, the “Limit Max Bid” option is turned on.  A default value is filled based          on the creative type chosen.Edit the default value to suit your business needs. It          is recommended to use this option when

       a. You know that irrespective of the value of the impression, you do not want to                  bid above a maximum CPM limit

   3. You can toggle the “Limit Max Bid” option to turn it "Off". This means that the                  system will bid as much as the model predicts the value of the impression. We               have seen many cases where a higher priced inventory delivers lower CPA                    (Cost per action) because the conversion rate is better. It is recommended to use          this option when

       a. You want to explore different inventory pockets at varying cpm scales to learn                which inventory will work for you
       b. You know specific apps/creative formats that work for you and don’t want to                  lose on potential opportunity to win these impressions 

Sample Example-


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