Steps to Set Up an Audience Output

  1. Click on Directory on the left-side navigation pane and search for Kayzen.

  2. Within the Add to Setup page, click on Output Audience and then click on Add To Setup.

3. Complete the Configuration Setting dialog by adding the Kayzen account email and the Kayzen API Key.

Create an Audience

  1. Log in to the mParticle dashboard:

  2. On the left-side navigation pane, click on Audiences.

3. Once you arrive on the Audiences page, click on + New Audience on the top right side.

4. Enter the Audience Name.
5. Select the platforms you wish to include in the audience.
6. Click on the Create button 

Specify Audience Criteria

  1. In the audience created, click on Add Criteria in the Build section.

  2. Select the type of data to be used in the audience definition. If your audience is built from both platform and feed data, you will need to specify where the data should be drawn from.

  3. Specify additional qualifying parameters such as Attribute Value, Recency, Frequency, Platform Version, Build Version etc., and click on Done.

  4. Next, click on Activate to begin populating the audience with users and make it available for connecting to outputs.

Steps to Connect an Audience

  1. From the Audiences page, go to the Connect tab.

  2. Choose the audience you wish to connect with Kayzen by selecting it from the drop down menu on the top.

  3. Click on + Connect Output.

4. Select Kayzen as Output.
5. Switch the status to Sending.
6. Enter the Kayzen Audience ID and click on Add Connection.

The Kayzen Audience ID can be found within the Audience window on the Kayzen interface, as per the below image.

For more details refer mParticle documentation here

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