Kayzen’s Inventory Discovery & Analytics tool gives marketers an unmatched visibility into the programmatic ecosystem. The platform provides an opportunity to understand different nuances of programmatic supply by displaying auction data from more than 25 exchanges. Users can analyze >70bn auctions that we listen to daily and slice and dice the data cross various metrics like exchange, country, creative types and more.

Please note that Kayzen's Inventory Discovery tool gives you insights into the programmatic auctions that we listen to across different exchanges. It does not show performance data of your specific campaigns. Kindly use Kayzen console UI to view and analyze your campaign's performance data

Data Dimensions and Metrics

Dimensions are attributes received in the bid request. For ex. country, exchange, ad size are all dimensions.

Add a Dimension to get started:

Adding filters to the dataset:

You can filter the data for any dimension to further slice the data and derive insights.

A simple way is to add a filter is by selecting on the dimension. Eg- clicking on "United States" in the Country list.

If you have to select multiple filters, then select the Filters option on the left, select the dimension and choose the filters that you need as shown below.

Select the metric:

Auctions - These are the number of bid requests that Kayzen listens to across exchanges. If you have a specific need to know potential and available auction count with an exchange beyond what Kayzen listens to, kindly contact your Customer Success Manager and share the dimensions/filters that you are interested in.


Save your workspace as a template for quick access:

Sharing dashboards

Share your dashboard with your colleagues for seamless collaboration.

Note: kindly contact your Customer Success Manager for this option.


Create a pivot view of the data by adding your desired dimensions.
Downloading content from the Pivot view will download data in the collapsed view. Instead, use the reports section to download the required data.
This view provides all the values in "collapsed" form. If you have only two dimensions, use the "Plot" view instead.

Important: The "Apply" button is available to the far right of the screen. Don't forget to “Apply” your changes.

Scheduling Reports and Alerts

You can create ,  download  and schedule reports to be sent as an email

Automated alerts can be created to identify and report any data anomalies.


You can take a tour of the UI using the “Analyze Tour” option which is available under settings icon on the top-right. Tour is available for the different UI tabs, i.e. Analyze, Pivot and Plot respectively.

Download list of App IDs for white-listing in campaigns

You can select “Exchange ID - App ID ” and/or "App Bundle" dimension and download the list which can then be used to target specific placements in your campaigns

Kindly delete the first few lines containing description about the list as well as delete the other columns containing the metrics and save the file in csv format. The csv can now be uploaded during campaign targeting and used as whitelist or blacklist depending on your needs

Comparison across Time-period

An useful feature is the ability to compare data across two different time-periods.
Along with the current period, select the "compare" option and provide the comparison period to view this highly appreciable graph overlapping the two different time-periods. Explore the %change and change options as well.

Sampled data

We use advance sampling techniques to provide a seamless user experience. However, for very granular combinations, there could be ~ 5% variation in the calculated metrics. 

Sampled results are more accurate for broad data requests and less accurate for very niche requests. e.g. variation can be higher if you are looking at data using lots of filters resulting in small auction numbers (< 50K auctions.)

Note: The sampling will not impact the app ids list that will be used in campaign targeting.

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