Server-to-Server (s2s) click redirection (tracking) improves the user experience of clicking the ad and subsequent redirection to the app store. 

Typically, when a user clicks on an ad with MMP tracking link, phone opens a browser, MMP link collects all the information, the browser closes automatically, and the user gets redirected to the app store. So there is some delay in the user clicking the ad and landing on the app store.

When s2s click tracking is enabled, and a user clicks on an ad, the MMP link is fired in the background, so there is no browser redirect, and a user goes directly to the app store after the click that makes the user experience seamless and improves performance.

s2s click tracking is available for advertisers that are using AppsFlyer or Adjust as their MMP for banner, HTML, and native creative types.

How to set up s2s click tracking with Kayzen?
If you're using AppsFlyer or Adjust as your MMP, s2s click tracking will be automatically available for you to use.

Then, you'll see that Tracking URL field appeared for all creative types except video, use this field to insert s2s-specific click tracking URL from your MMP. Use the link to App Store or Play Store in Click URL field:

Example for s2s click tracking on AppsFlyer

1) Click URL:{APP_ID}&c=KayzenCampaign&af_c_id=s2shtml&af_sub1={APP_NAME}&af_cost_currency=USD&af_cost_model=CPI&af_cost_value=1.00&af_click_lookback=1d&clickid={CONVERSION_ID}&idfa={DEVICE_PLATFORM_ID}

2) Tracking URL:{APP_ID}&pid=dataliftretargeting_int&c=IMT-Applift-iOS-US&af_c_id={CAMPAIGN}&af_sub1={APP_NAME}&af_cost_currency=USD&af_cost_model=CPI&af_cost_value=1.00&af_click_lookback=1d&clickid={CONVERSION_ID}&idfa={DEVICE_PLATFORM_ID}&af_ip={USER_IP}&redirect=false

Example for s2s click tracking on Adjust 


2) Tracking URL:{CONVERSION_ID}&s2s=1&os_name={DEVICE_OS_NAME}&ip_address={USER_IP}&campaign={CAMPAIGN}&adgroup={DEVICE_OS_NAME}_{COUNTRY_CODE}_{EXCHANGE_NAME}&creative={CREATIVE}&idfa={DEVICE_PLATFORM_ID}&gps_adid={DEVICE_PLATFORM_ID}


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