Kayzen platform has a modular architecture built using API's. Users can leverage Kayzen's event, audience and reporting API's to get more out of the platform

Reporting API

You can use Kayzen Reporting API to programmatically query and access your campaign reporting and performance data.

Use case: By leveraging Kayzen reporting API, for instance, you can load this data in your data aggregation platform to visualize and create custom reports from different channels in one place

Events API

If you want to track custom events on Kayzen, you can use Kayzen Events API. These events will be displayed in the Kayzen UI (Dashboard, Campaign list, Campaign detail pages). 

Event API allows you to pass both attributed events with data generated by campaigns run via Kayzen as well as non-attributed events. You can use non-attributed events to create an audience using our customer audience builder generating retargeting lists, suppression lists or to measure incrementality in your retargeting campaigns.

Use Cases: 

  1. Passing events that aren’t tracked by your MMP. In an eCommerce app, if you want to record an event which gives the total amount paid by customers for every order. 

  2. In-ad events. If you want to track interaction events in your playable (or any other HTML) creatives, you can add the event callbacks in your creative and send them to Kayzen to measure user engagement within creatives and improve them based on this data.

  3. You are using your own attribution platform. If you use an in-house attribution platform, you can use Events API to pass all the events which you want to post back to Kayzen.

  4. Web campaigns. If you would like to track conversion from web pages (e.g., registration through a mobile website), you can also use Events API. 

Note: All the above are just an example of that particular use case.

Audience API 

You can create an audience and add/remove users from this audience programmatically by leveraging Kayzen's Audience API

Use Case: You created an audience of users in your BI tool based on your internal custom logic. This is useful if these users are created based on events that you are not sending to your MMP or Kayzen. You can call the Audience API and add/remove users from the audience in real-time.

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