API Key – access key for API integration for synchronizing either MMP attributed events and raw events synchronization or reporting API. Reporting API Key and API Key for MMP integration are separate API Keys in Kayzen.

App ID – exchange-specific unique ID for a given publisher app, defined by the exchange.

App Object – entity in Kayzen platform for a mobile app to be advertised. App Object contains its own API Key, allowing multiple apps to be connected with one advertiser account.

Audience – list of users (device IDs – IDFA or GAID) which can be applied to campaign targeting as either a whitelist or blacklist. 

Audience List – list of all audiences that have been created in a Kayzen Advertiser Account. Available via the Audiences tab on the left-side panel.

Autoblacklisting – component of CPI and CPC Algorithms which will automatically blacklist underperforming App IDs.

Auto-Exclusion – campaign setting that allows a user to set rules to automatically exclude underperforming App IDs based on user-defined thresholds.

Bid Loss Notification – notification sent by some SSPs which indicates the reason for a lost auction (reasons can include low bid price, creative rejected, adomain rejected, etc.)

Bids – RTB auctions entered by placing a non-zero bid response. A non-zero bid response is placed if the bid price is above the floor price sent in the bid request. Otherwise, a zero-bid response is placed which will not count as Bid.

Bid Request – request from an SSP to participate in an auction and if won to display an ad on a Publisher's app. It contains many fields of information which allow buyers to determine the price to pay for each individual impression.

Budget Mode – starting phase of CPI Algorithm in which campaigns are primarily optimized to spend daily budget (while still aiming for target CPI the primary objective is to spend budget and explore; hence budget mode is equivalent to 'exploration phase').

Bundle ID – unique ID for a given publisher app, visible in the App Store/Google Play Store URL. It's the same for the app across any exchanges.

Campaign – entity in Kayzen platform which contains info regarding the App being advertised, scheduling, targeting, optimization, as well as creative assets.

Clear Rate – ratio of Impressions / Bids. The rate of impressions served over auctions entered.

Conversion Object – entity in Kayzen platform to track a Conversion event (and associated CPA). Only one Conversion Object can be set per app object.

Conversion Rate (CT CR) – rate of click-through Installs / Clicks.

Creative – entity in Kayzen campaigns that contains creative assets to be served, along with corresponding Click and Impression URLs. Creative types can be Image, Video, HTML, or Native.

CPI Factor – component of CPI algorithm which adjusts the aggressiveness of campaign bidding with regards to achieved performance.

CPI Mode – second phase of CPI Algorithm in which campaigns are fully optimized to achieve the Target CPI. CPI mode is equivalent to "exploitation mode."

CT Install – install attributed via Click-Through Attribution. Usually, a CT Install is MMP attributed, but if the advertiser synchronizes non-attributed events with his account, users will be able to see both MMP attributed, Self-attributed and Assisted CT Installs.

CTR – Click-Through Rate. Ratio of Clicks / Impressions.

Custom Audience – Kayzen proprietary audience builder based on event streaming from MMP/CDP integration or by sending events directly to Kayzen's event API via any system.

Eligible Bid Request – maximum number of bid requests eligible for a campaign after checking for basic targeting constraints like country, exchange, OS, carrier, connection type, traffic type, and creative type.

Exchange (SSP) – Ad Exchange. Partner which facilitates auctions of ads from Publishers to Buyers.

First-Party Audience – audience created via Advertiser's first-party data. It can be a file upload, file URL, or API generated audience.

Floor Price – the minimum bid price a publisher will accept for an individual auction (bid request).

IPM – Installs per Mille (1000 impressions). A measure of performance that tells the number of installs generated per 1000 impressions served.

My App – app that is created via App Object, visible in Advertiser Account.

My Website – website destination that is created via App Object, visible in Advertiser Account.

New Uniques – new unique devices reached by campaigns in a given time period. 

Raw Logs – impression and click raw logs contain extra information which is not available in the UI. Raw logs can be downloaded from the UI as CSV export files in Reports section.

Revenue – In-App Events which contain a Revenue value such as a purchase.

ROAS – Return On Ad Spend, Revenue / Spend.

Server To Server (s2s) Click Tracking – special tracking link setup which sends the user directly to the app store (no browser redirect) and in the background fires the MMP link (server to server).

Session Depth – field in Bid Request, which indicates the number of ads the user has seen in their current session. i.e., session_depth=0 would be the first ad, session_depth=1 would be the 2nd ad, and so on. 

Underdelivery Reason – entry in Kayzen Internal Support Tool which determines the reasons that a campaign did not bid on eligible bid requests.

Unique Users – count of Unique Users reached on a campaigns as defined by Conversion Object. 

VT Install – View-Through attributed install. An install attributed based on an impression served to the user. VT Installs are generally MMP attributed. If an advertiser has synchronized non-attributed install events from his MMP account, then VT Installs will be separately displayed as MMP attributed, Self-attributed and Assisted VT Installs.

Win Rate – ratio of Wins / Bids. Auctions won over auctions entered.

Wins – auctions won.

Survival Rate – ratio of Impressions / Wins. Not all won auctions result in impressions, due to multiple reasons such as publisher waterfall setup, in-app parallel bidding, caching and more.

Impressions – number of ads served to users on a campaign. They are triggered when the ad appears on a user's device screen.

Clicks – гser-initiated interaction with an ad impression that leads directly to the App Store.

Whitelist – targeting criteria to INCLUDE a list of apps or audiences or IPs.

Blacklist – targeting criteria to EXCLUDE a list of apps or audiences or IPs.

CPI Algorithm – Kayzen proprietary technology which optimizes bids placed to achieve Target CPI for a given campaign.

CPC Algorithm – Kayzen proprietary technology which optimizes bids placed to achieve target CPC for a given campaign.

CPM Optimization – Kayzen proprietary technology which optimizes bids placed to achieve a 50% win rate at or below target CPM for a given campaign. Also commonly referred to as a Bid Shading algorithm.

Target CPI – for CPI Optimized Campaigns, the target CPI you would like to achieve.

Target CPC – for CPC Optimized Campaigns, the target CPC you would like to achieve.

Target CPM – for CPM Optimized Campaigns, the maximum CPM you would like to achieve.

CPA – Cost Per Action. Rate of Spend divided by Conversions (as defined by Conversion Object).

CT CPI – Cost Per CT Install. Rate of Spend divided by CT Installs.

CPC – Cost Per Click. Rate of Spend divided by Clicks.

CPM – Cost Per Mille. Rate of Spend divided by 1000 Impressions.

Click-Through Attribution – MMP Attribution based on users clicking ads and performing an install.

View-Through Attribution – MMP Attribution based on users viewing ads and performing an install (without a click).

MMP – Mobile Measurement Partner. A partner that determines the marketing attribution for every install and in-app events of a given app.

MMP Integration – integration between Your App on Kayzen and your MMP. Allows Click Through Attribution, View Through Attribution, and streaming of In-App Events. Integration is made by using your API Key.

MMP(in reporting) – install or post-install events attributed by MMP to Kayzen.

Self – install or post-install events attributed by Kayzen. This tells you the true impact your campaigns had on in-app event metrics.

Assisted – the relative difference between self-attributed and MMP-attributed data.

In-App Events – events set in your App which are triggered when a user completes a certain action. These events are transmitted to the SDK of the MMP/CDP, which can then be streamed to Kayzen via the MMP/CDP Integration.

RTB – Real-Time Bidding. Ads auctioned in real time to allow buyers to show ads for relevant users based on data contained in Bid Request fields.

RTB Auction – auction that happens in real-time bidding environment to buy and sell ad impressions programmatically.

SDK – Software Development Kit. A code deployed within the native code of an app that allows Third Parties to access data and perform various functions. Exchanges, MMPs, and other vendors require apps to integrate an SDK to use their services.

UA – User Acquisition. Acquiring new users with ads.

RT – Retargeting. Retargeting existing users with ads to increase engagement and ROI.

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