This week we added support to enable advertisers to do granular targeting based on whether device id information is present in the bid request or not. Users can now setup campaigns to enable targeting based on device id information

  1. Target only those bid requests which have device id info present
  2.  Target only those bid requests which do not have device id info present
  3. Target users irrespective of device id info 

Targeting users based on device id is extremely critical for a lot of performance marketing use cases. 

However, there are many valid use cases when targeting users even without device id information can be fruitful. Such bid requests usually have lower bid floors , lower CPM’s and with advances in fingerprinting attribution technology and by leveraging android reftag feature, many marketers are able to achieve their performance and scale goals by targeting such users. With GDPR , CCPA and other user privacy changes in the market, many advanced marketers are adopting such use cases to stay ahead of the curve

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