Samsung offers exclusive mobile inventory with strong performance. Advertisers are able to advertise natively on samsung home screen and across exclusive Samsung apps.

Inventory volume and distribution

Available inventory

Inventory description

Kayzen currently supports the following 2 native Samsung ad units:

  1. Game Launcher App Icon:

  • Game Launcher is the control center for games. All games are consolidated in one place with new downloads added automatically.

  • One ad unit is placed in the main page of the Game Launcher game drawer. 

  • At least two ads are always displayed when entering, and the other two icons are displayed in the next area when the user drags the area.

  • Game Launcher only supports game ads.

2. Bixby -1 Page App Icon

  • -1 Page is what the user sees on swiping right on the home screen.

  • Within -1 Page, ad card are shown between cards. 

  • It contains ad apps. When the user clicks the icon, the user is redirected to Google play store or deep-linked to the app.

How to set up campaigns and creatives?

  • Advertisers can simply add Samsung to their existing native app install campaigns. 

  • Make sure to upload both app icon and promo image, add title for your native ad. For the Game Launcher and -1 Bixby page inventory, only app icon will be served, as shown in examples above.

  • Make sure that the Click URL points to either Play store or Samsung Store details page.

Blocked categories

The following ad categories are not supported:

  1. Alcohol, Tobacco, or Substance Abuse

  2. Sexually Explicit or Adult content

  3. Gambling or Lotteries

  4. Explicit Violence or Terrorism

  5. Illegal in any market in which Samsung operates

  6. Spyware, Malware, Viruses, Illegal Hacking or other materials intended to damage or render inoperable software or hardware

  7. Copyright Infringement

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