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Can I work with Kayzen on post-payment terms?

In order to access a credit line and post-payment terms with Kayzen, you need to submit a Security Deposit (SD) which will remain unused unless we see an unbearable delay in your monthly payments.

We will give you a scoring on top of the SD (usually 1.5x to start) which will result in your monthly credit line with us.


  • Security Deposit of $5.000

  • Client Scoring of 1.5x

  • Credit line (SD*Client Scoring) = $7.500

How can I increase my monthly credit line?

After some solid payment history we can increase the scoring to the initial SD, this will result in an increase of the overall credit line. Please reach out to your Programmatic Success Specialist for more details. Else, you can always increase the initial SD which will result in a higher credit line as well.

Can I have direct-billing with exchanges?

Yes, this is something we deem important for the ecosystem (to increase transparency and reduce intermediaries where possible). If you are able to set your own contract and billing terms with the exchanges you may set direct-billing with them. This means you will only pay Kayzen’s platform fees.

When does Kayzen start billing the platform fee?

To start working with Kayzen you will need to sign a Starter, Business or Enterprise agreement. Your platform fee will be calculated from the date of agreement signing. For example, if you have signed the Starter agreement on 14th March with a 1000$ Platform fee paid monthly, then your Platform fee invoice for March will be: 1000$/31 day * 18 days = 580.65$.

How many days do I have to pay the invoices?

You can find this information in your Agreement. The general rule is NET15, because there are financial responsibilities to Exchanges, which Kayzen have to cover.

Where can I find my previous invoices? How can I add another email address as billing POC?

Your invoices are sent to the email addresses, which your company has indicated as billing contacts when filled in this Client Registration Form. If you cannot find invoices or you want to change billing contact, please contact your Programmatic Success Specialist.

How can I pay my Invoices? What are Kayzen’s Bank Details?

Our main payment method would be paying via Bank Transfer. Here are our main Bank information:


IBAN: DE16 1004 0000 0301 0949 00

Account Number: 3010949 00

Bank Sort Code: 100 400 00

What should I include in the reference field while paying my Invoice?

Please make sure to mention Customer Number as well as invoice number. Both numbers could be found on the invoice we provide you with on a monthly basis.

Which currencies do you suppport for billing?

Currently we accept only EURO and USD payments. However, please always stick to the currency mentioned in your Invoice. In case you would like to be billed with different currency please contact your Programmatic Success Specialist.


Where can I check updated Kayzen’s pricing plans?

You can check our basic pricing plans here. Our SaaS hybrid pricing model consists of:

  1. Platform fees → the actual revenue of Kayzen.

  2. Billing fees → fees we charge to take care of the financial workload and transaction with ad exchanges. We can remove billing fees in specific scenarios where you don’t use Kayzen as a financial intermediary (so called direct-billing with the exchanges).

  1. Overage fees → a variant of platform fees, applied when you (as a customer) pass the monthly spend threshold according to your plan.

E.g: if you are a Business Tier client and you spend above $50.000 usd you will be charged $1.000 per $10.000 of overage spend.

*Note: in parallel with Kayzen fees (Platform, billing and overage where applicable) we will also bill you the media cost.


Within the Starter Plan, you spend $10.000 usd in media-traffic. Kayzen will charge you:

  • $1.000 usd of platform fees (fixed cost)

  • $250 usd of billing fees (2.5% of the actual media spend, variable cost)

  • In total $1.250 of fees on top of the $10.000 usd of media spend. You will get different invoices or a single invoice with a transparent breakdown of all these charges. Roughly a 12.5% take rate.

How can I calculate my potential fees?

You can calculate different scenarios based on your planned budgets, contract/plan tier with Kayzen and how these result in different platform and billing fees from Kayzen - Use our fees calculator here

*note: you will also find a basic benchmark comparison vs other standard pricing terms in the market.

Does Kayzen pricing influence bid prices?

No it doesn’t, Kayzen fees are billed separately from the actual media spend and our pricing doesn’t involve adding markups to bids, meaning that we don’t have any influence in the actual clearing prices from the exchanges and the bids in which you participate through our bidder.


How can I terminate my contract with Kayzen?

Termination conditions can be found in the agreement you have signed. In the general terms, you need to notify Kayzen about the termination before the Contract period ends (month, quarter or year).

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