Happy to announce that here is a feature that will give you more control over your geo targeting capabilities. 

Why was it required?

Most Kayzen users use country targeting extensively in the case of both brands and performance ads for business and optimization reasons. And many desire the next level of geo granularity after country.

Different cities in a state are known to exhibit different behaviors ranging from creatives preferences to ad recall. The same is the case with states. It is known that campaign targeting at these granularity levels along with the appropriate campaign configuration will give a boost in your ability to reach the right audience with the right ad.

On further analysis of the campaign reports for states and cities, one can optimize campaigns to reach the audience that converts best thereby reducing the wastage of impressions and clicks or based on the audience optimize the campaigns effectively for price, creatives, frequency or other similar impacting campaign attributes.

Advertisers that desire to advertiser their products and services only in certain states and/or cities within a country can also narrow down targeting accordingly.

How is it used?

Select a country and further narrow down by adding the relevant states and cities.

Specific states or cities should be included when you want to only target them or excluded when you want to target all but these.

Note that you will be allowed to either include or exclude a region like country/state/city and not both at the same time.

The changes are captured in the change log for reference at a later point in time.


In order to keep targeting simple, we have disallowed an “Include” for a region lower in the hierarchy, if a higher region is “Excluded”. Let’s say, the state Bavaria is excluded, then, you cannot include any cities of the world like Paris or Berlin. Have you had such a need, you might just Include Paris or Berlin without having the need to exclude the state Bavaria.

Certain countries have provinces or subdivisions instead of states, however they are also listed under states in the UI.

Keep watching this section for an update very soon on the availability of Reporting at the state and city level of granularity.

Excited to see you started.

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