Audiences are an integral part of the campaigns and understanding their state will enable you to take campaign decisions appropriately. In our continued efforts to bring transparency to the platform, we are releasing a new feature showcasing audience “Status” which makes it easier to understand the status of your newly created or edited audiences. 

On the audience list and detail page we will be displaying the status of your audiences.

Feature Description

Here are the different states that we have introduced.

You will notice the “Status” column in the Audience page.

Additionally, we have introduced the last updated timestamp of your audience on the audience detail page. 

Status flow for different types of Audiences

The status can change between successful to partially failed/failed or partially failed to failed and vice versa. 


The Failed status for File URL and File upload based audiences can be because of the following reasons and this will be represented as an error message in the audience list and detail page

  • The uploaded URL is invalid or the file is not available for processing.
  • The file is corrupted or in an invalid format.
  • There is a system issue in processing the device ids in the file.

We have simplified a lot of possible audience states and narrowed them down to a minimal few that are meant to provide adequate clarity and offer value to you.

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