We know that the devil is in the details. Therefore, data should be sliced and diced to identify the correct detail that is responsible for any particular campaign's performance. We have the Reports section which helps you with retrieving granular data for this kind of analysis. With this release, we have enhanced our Reporting section to bring you more granular data and a revamped UI which is comprehensive and easy to use.

Feature Description

  1. In-app/In-ad/In-website events data is extremely important to measure and optimize campaign performance for post install events (app open, purchase, RoAS etc). Earlier this data was available in the Dashboards and Campaigns section. We have now included this data in the Reports section as well so that you can perform deeper analysis across any metric and dimension.

You can select the in-app events that you are interested in:

Summary of the in-app events selected in the previous step

2. The experience of our new Reports interface follows the same theme that we have across the entire UI. We have eased the filter selection and group-by selections.

3. Reviewing the selected fields is easy and clear

4. Another striking feature is that you will now be able to temporarily filter on the reporting data as well as edit the metrics right from the same reporting page.

These options will remove the need for you to edit reports and wait until the entire data loads on the page again. It enables you to view those quick data points that you still have questions on. And save those temporarily edited filters and metrics if you find them useful to view again.

It's our endeavor to provide you with more useful data in a way that is easier for in-depth analysis. Feel free to share your feedback.

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