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I can't log in to my Kayzen account. What shall I do?

Try to clear cache and/or disable your ad blocker for all 3rd level domains to If this doesn’t help, please reach out to your Kayzen representative or support via our chat at Kayzen.

What’s the process to create an account on Kayzen?

Please fill the request a demo form on our website, someone from our team will reach out to you via email and define the process for your onboarding based on the data provided in the form.

Does Kayzen provide self-service only?

Yes. However, we do have an onboarding process throughout which you’ll be given needed assistance and guidance to make your experience with Kayzen successful. Furthermore, all of our customers have access to our support team via the support chat in your account.

Which ad formats / creative types can I run on Kayzen?

Kayzen supports all common mobile ad formats. Image (jpg, gif, png), native, HTML (e.g., animated banners, playables, MRAID), video (inc. rewarded video and end cards). We support full screen (both portrait and landscape mode) and non-fullscreen resolutions (e.g. 320x50 banners, 300x250 medium rectangles and more). Please refer to this article for more details.

What are the main use cases of Kayzen?

Our platform is centred around mobile advertising use cases. User acquisition and retargeting for mobile app developers or agencies representing app developers, are two of the most common use cases. We also power mobile ad-tech companies’ platforms with a reliable and scalable bidding infrastructure, and work with media buyers and direct-to-consumer brands who are looking to reach their target audiences on mobile globally and in the most efficient and direct way possible.

What are all the SSPs/exchanges Kayzen is integrated with?

Kayzen covers more than 95% of the global programmatic in-app traffic outside of China. We are integrated with more than 20 mobile focused exchanges, You can find the full list here.

Do you only support mobile or can I run ads on desktop and other devices?

Kayzen is focused on mobile inventory only, mainly on mobile in-app inventory (mobile web is also available but on a significantly smaller scale).

Can I use Kayzen with my own / a third party ad server?

Yes, you can use your own ad server or rely on Kayzen’s fast CDN (content delivery network) to serve your ads. For more information on how to replace macros for 3rd party ad servers please reach out to your Kayzen representative or support via our chat at Kayzen.

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