As part of our Supply Path Optimization strategy, we at Kayzen are constantly looking for more transparent, efficient and high performing ways of reaching premium publisher inventory.

As such, we are excited to announce our integration with Nimbus.

What is Nimbus?

Nimbus, by Timehop, combines a lightweight SDK with an agnostic, transparent ad exchange into a platform that allows publishers to connect directly with demand partners. This differs from the traditional ad exchanges in the following manner:

  • In order for a publisher to be enabled on Nimbus, Kayzen needs to have a pre-existing direct agreement with the publisher. This puts Kayzen directly in touch with your target audience, opening up new opportunities without any intermediaries.

  • Nimbus neither takes a cut on your CPM nor the publisher’s, ensuring your ad spend is not diluted when participating in the auction. Nimbus is free for demand partners, working on the basis of a SaaS pricing model with publishers.

  • Nimbus does not have its own demand, ensuring an unbiased auction where the highest bid always wins.

We are actively working on onboarding new publishers on our Nimbus integration and we will keep you posted on any updates.

Inventory Highlights (as of Jan 28th, 2022)

Ad Formats


Top Geos

United States


United Kingdom







More to come!!!

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