When people speak about Supply Path Optimization, they tend to focus on reducing intermediaries to ensure lower fees. While this is a crucial part of an effective SPO strategy, at Kayzen we look at SPO from multiple angles.

One of those angles is ensuring that exchanges we work with guarantee full access to all impression opportunities. Meet Mintegral Exchange.

Mintegral is a leading in-app ad exchange based in APAC. Their SDK is currently in-app bidding enabled on some of the top mediation platforms, such as MAX, Google AdMob and Fairbid, thus guaranteeing full access to all impression opportunities.

With a significant footprint across both gaming and non-gaming apps, Mintegral provides a large amount of traffic across all in-app ad formats.

In the upcoming weeks, we will gradually enable more traffic from Mintegral Exchange, so stay tuned for more updates from Kayzen.

Inventory Highlights (as of October 27th, 2022)

Top Geos by # of bid requests

1. United States

6. France

2. India

7. Germany

3. Brazil

8. Indonesia

4. Russian Federation

9. Mexico

5. United Kingdom

10. Saudi Arabia

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